Transfer Stations and Material Recovery Facilities

A transfer station is a depot that receives and temporarily stores waste in a designated area for minor segregation and/or minor resource recovery prior to their transport to some other approved depot for further sorting, resource recovery or disposal.

Similarly a material recovery facility (MRF) receives, stores and processes waste but with a focus on resource recovery. There will be a transfer component in order to direct the recovered recyclable wastes to a recycling facility and residual waste to disposal.

Both transfer stations and MRFs feed recovered wastes into recycling facilities that usually deal with a single recyclable waste stream to produce a recycled product instead of mixed waste for separation.

A MRF and a transfer station are both classified as a ‘waste or recycling depot’, which is an activity of environmental significance as prescribed by Schedule 1, Part A of the Environmental Protection Act 1993 (the Act), and must be licensed or otherwise authorised under Part 6 of the Act. An environmental authorisation cannot be issued until development approval has been granted. Source: EPA South Australia website.

Kartaway Waste Management operate two public transfer stations, one in Adelaide and one in Melbourne. The Stations are clean, easy accessible and conveniently located with friendly staff that are efficient and helpful . With a strong environmental focus Kartaway recycle most waste, diverting a large proportion from landfill. The Transfer Stations are accessible all weather with undercover bays, fully asphalted and are affordable.
The Adelaide Transfer Station is at Virginia Rd, Newton,Campbelltown and the Melbourne Transfer Station is at Kirkdale Rd, Brunswick. Go to for map directions.

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