Spring Clean Ready! How to Make this Spring Clean Your Best Yet

A father and daughter share a laugh while mopping the wooden floor in a spacious living room.

The sun is blazing bright, and the world around you is opening up to welcome Spring. Families across Melbourne are planning their seasonal fun trips, but there is still that Spring clean that needs your attention.

We understand that thinking about starting your Spring clean can be overwhelming. That is why we have drafted some tips to help put your mind at ease and get you started.

Let’s look at some ideas to make this Spring clean your best yet:

Break up cleaning

Don’t tire yourself out on cleaning all in one day. Take your time and create a schedule to be more productive. Breaking up your cleaning schedule with one room at a time can be a saviour. This way, you can focus on one thing at a time, and make real progress without getting distracted.

Gather stuff that must go into the skip bin

The first step to Spring cleaning your home is collecting items no longer operational, or needed. Have a look around your property, collect things that are no longer helpful or serviceable to you, your family or peers, and hire skip bins to remove it all from your property forever.

Collect items that you can sell

As you engage in the Spring clean, you will realise that certain things have not been in use for a long time. If they are still in good condition, you can put them aside in a box to sell or donate to a charity shop.

Clean your windows

Spring is about opening windows and letting the fresh breeze flow inside your home. Wash the window glass from both sides using a glass cleaner, vacuum window tracks, wipe off window frames, dust off curtain hardware, and wash window coverings to make them ready for Spring. Don’t worry about the debris if you have to replace window frames. You can opt for our waste management skip bin hire and clear out old window frames and other waste.

Freshen up your kitchen

The most used rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, will be the ones most needing a Spring clean. Handle these areas strategically and take your time. Start with discarding expired or old products from kitchen drawers, wipe off the appliances you do not use regularly, and upgrade flooring to get in sync with Spring vibes.

Organise your closets

You have already collected most of the unnecessary stuff in the first round of cleaning. Now is the time to arrange things you wish to keep in your wardrobes. We bet your cupboards will look spacious and visually appealing once you organise things. Ideally, you should put your winter clothes at the back of your closet, or into storage, and bring your lighter Spring clothing to the front.

Declutter unnecessary items from the garage

Once you are all set with in-house cleaning, deal with the stuff from the garage. Group the items from the garage into categories. One goes straight to the garbage, the other to donate, and the last group that needs re-arrangement.

Use a Skip Bin Hire Services

Choosing to hire skip bins when doing a Spring clean is the best way for proper waste management. Getting rid of the stuff is not easy, but the perfect skip bin can come to your rescue. Hiring a skip bin will not just make your life a lot easier but will also play a crucial role in making this Spring clean a success. Having your skip bin on your property will mean that stuff you don’t want anymore will be out of your sight – and you can be done with your cleaning sooner!

Are you planning a Spring clean soon? At Kartaway, our skip bin services put you at ease as we take care of your trash and help you with one less thing to worry about. To simplify the process, we have a sizing guide to compare bins, and our friendly staff are always ready to help you choose the ideal skip bin. We offer a wide range of mini skips bins for hire to cater to your Spring clean-up all across the country: including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

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