Recycling in Australia Green Star Accreditation

Recycling is an interesting topic. For those that endorse and require recycling it’s good to remember that collection is only the first step. It’s the diversion of materials from landfill to downstream recycling industries that ensures a better environmental future for large city populations.

Europe these days simply does not facilitate landfill as we know it. Large transfer stations separate waste and divert it to suitable recycling industries. This process is in the infancy in Australia but the Braeside Kartaway Transfer Station is one of the few in Melbourne to achieve its diversion target set for Green Star Accreditation program.

In Victoria there are recycling programs for glass, for a variety of plastics, for rubber, paper, concrete and garden waste. It is only in the last few years here that viable usage for materials such as garden waste has gained a commercial foothold. Some areas such as PET plastics have suffered setbacks with plant closures, but at present, this has now been rectified. For builders and associated industries Green Star Accreditation is dependent upon transfer stations meeting these diversion targets. Kartaway via Braeside reach the diversion required to achieve the Green Star Accreditation most of the time.

Other states have been slower in instituting these standards and higher rates of material are still consigned to landfill. Once appropriate downstream recycling is available and economically viable Kartaway are committed to increasing their recycling diversions in these areas.

In closing – waste recycling in Europe is considered a mandatory infrastructure expense for major cities. In London all households are provided with a modern efficient compost bin. Household waste is to be weighted kerbside and if the weight exceeds the allocated household weekly allowance, extra rates are charged. Recycling is the pathway for the future and with annual study tours to Europe, Kartaway are able to maintain their operation at the cutting edge of recycling – for your benefit.

So for now we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year for 2013. From all of us at Kartaway.

Merry Christmas!

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