Owners Corporation Waste Management

Managing Waste in Owner Corporations

Kartaway offers tailored waste management solutions for owners corporations and strata properties. From recycling initiatives to common area waste disposal, we provide sustainable waste solutions for multi-unit residential complexes and apartment buildings.

Kartaway works pro-actively with Architects, Developers, Owners Corporations and Residents to determine the most practical and cost-efficient waste solutions for their properties.
When tailoring a solution to a property we consider the

  • Design of a building
  • Available space
  • Access to site
  • Waste storage area
  • And any specific needs of the residents

We monitor waste volumes and waste stream segmentation and, where applicable, make further recommendations to streamline the services.

Contact our friendly staff on 1300 362 362 to discuss how Kartaway can assist with the waste management of your property, or alternatively use our online form!

Kartaway waste management solutions for owners corporations

Why Choose Kartaway?

Tailored Solutions

We work closely with owners corporations to develop tailored waste management plans that suit your property’s unique requirements and budget.

Environmental Focus

Our commitment to sustainability means promoting recycling, reducing waste sent to landfills, and implementing eco-friendly waste management practices.


With timely pickups, transparent pricing, and dedicated customer support, Kartaway ensures a seamless waste management experience for owner’s corporations and strata properties.

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