National Companies Benefit From One Waste Management Provider

If you have a business that operates nationally with branches in different States have you considered that your business may benefit from using one Waste Management Company rather than different Waste Management companies in different States?  Kartaway, with its extensive national presence and Recycling Depots is able to offer national businesses savings and streamlined operations. Kartaway will have an Account Team tailor a national waste plan for your organisation that will deliver cost savings and make it easy for your administration to control your expenditure on waste. A dedicated National Account Manager will ensure that with one call your problem is resolved.

Kartaway can provide a large variety of bins to cater for waste generated from business, from 2.0 m through to large factory 31.0m bins as well as bins with lids and 1.5m, 3.0m, 4.5m front lift bins.  Smaller businesses are catered to with 240lt, 660lt, 1100lt wheelie bins. With a tailor made plan for your business, your Kartaway Account Manager is able to advise on the best options for waste management that will suit your business needs and deliver cost savings wherever possible.  Kartaway also have a strong focus on diverting waste away from landfill, providing recycling for paper and cardboard, fluorescent tubes, liquid waste, pallets, metal and computers.

Waste management is an important aspect of your operations, inefficiencies in this area are costly on many levels , so why not go for one provider nationally and benefit from the cost savings, time savings and greater control ?  Call Kartaway on 1300 362 362 and ask to speak to an Account Manager for a proposal on a National Waste Management Plan to suit your business.

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