Mission Statement

The Whelan Kartaway Group of Companies has established a business operation which will provide excellence in service to its clients and earn an optimum return on investment.

The Group will be engaged in various selected segments of the Waste Management Industry.

The Business will be conducted in full recognition of the Group’s responsibilities and obligations, recognising and responding to major social, economic and environmental forces that determine the form and direction of society.

All personnel will be expected to conform to the codes set down from time to time, which will be directed by good intention, ethical conduct and sound business practices at the improvement of the Group’s image in industry and with the community at large.

The Group will provide a Waste Management Operation that:

  • Will provide ongoing information that best suits our clients’ needs;
  • Will continue technical research and development programs to ensure that quality services are provided;
  • Will establish itself as an Industry Leader and set an example to others;
  • Will encourage its customers and personnel to utilise its products in a safe and efficient manner;
  • Will be committed to promoting and maintaining a high standard of Occupational Health and Safety throughout its operations

Visit our main website: https://www.kartaway.com.au/

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