Owners Corporation Waste Services

Get rid of your companies waste in the right way with Kartaway

Kartaway works pro-actively with Architects, Developers, Owners Corporations and Residents to determine the most practical and cost efficient waste solutions for their properties.
When tailoring a solution to a property we consider the

  • Design of a building
  • Available space
  • Access to site
  • Waste storage area
  • And most importantly, any specific needs of the residents and any subsequent impact the collections will have on them.

We monitor waste volumes and waste stream segmentation and, where applicable, make further recommendations to streamline the services.

Mini Skip Bin Hire

Mobile Garbage Bins (Wheelie Bins) are similar to the plastic bins provided to residents by local councils. They are perfect for businesses with limited space to store bins, or where bins need to be stored internally. Wheelie Bins are available in various sizes from 80 Litres to 1100 Litres and can be provided to cater for the following waste streams:

  • General Waste
  • Mixed (Comingled) Recycling
  • Paper/Cardboard Recycling
  • Organics

Front Lift Bins are larger than the wheelie bins and suit customers who generate medium to high volumes of waste and have sufficient space to store the bins. They are ideal for hotels, shopping centres, factories, workshops, distribution centres and multiple tenancies sharing waste disposal. Front Lift Bins are available in 1.5m3, 3m3 and 4m3 and can be provided for the following waste streams:

  • General Waste
  • Paper/Cardboard Recycling

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