How Kartaway Is Changing The Way Waste is Managed

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Waste is an unavoidable part of modern society, but responsible disposal means your waste has less of an impact than it otherwise would. The way we manage waste is undergoing a significant transformation, and Kartaway is committed to leading the charge in Australia by redefining waste management.

The Current State of Waste Management in Australia

Australia faces a considerable waste management challenge, with approximately 67 million tonnes of waste generated annually. Traditional waste management methods, often leading to landfill, are no longer sustainable, prompting the need for innovative solutions.

An Overview of Kartaway

Founded in 1892 by James Paul Whelan, Kartaway began as a general carrier in Melbourne, later transitioning into building demolition and resale of used materials. Despite the 1890s’ economic hardships, we thrived, earning the nickname ‘Whelan the Wrecker’. Adapting to Melbourne’s 1960s construction boom, we expanded our waste management services. Leadership passed to Whelan’s sons in 1939, further evolving the company. 

Today, Kartaway is a leading provider of innovative waste management and recycling solutions.

Kartaway’s Innovative Approach to Waste Management

Kartaway’s approach to waste management is a game-changer. Our waste collection process is designed with efficiency and environmental responsibility in mind. We segregate waste into recyclables and non-recyclables, ensuring that as much waste as possible is diverted from landfill. This approach is a stark contrast to traditional methods that often lead to increased landfill.

The Future of Waste Management with Kartaway

Kartaway is set to reposition the future of waste management. Our vision expands beyond traditional waste management, focusing on information management to keep clients abreast of the latest waste management practices and their potential benefits. Innovation is central to Kartaway’s strategy, with ongoing technical research and development programs ensuring the provision of quality services and maintaining our industry-leading position.

Kartaway is committed to safety and efficiency, promoting the use of our products in a manner that upholds high standards of Occupational Health and Safety. What’s more, our operations are conducted with full recognition of social, economic, and environmental responsibilities, shaping the direction of society with ethical conduct and sound business practices.

Our innovative approach, coupled with their commitment to sustainability, is changing the way we think about and manage waste. Ready to be part of the change? Start your sustainable waste management journey with Kartaway today. Visit our website for more information.

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