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We service hospitality companies and commercial organisations across Australia

The waste needs of a business can be as unique as the individual business itself. Whether your business is in the hospitality, retail, manufacturing or commercial sector, Kartaway has a waste solution to fit your needs, including Mobile Garbage Bins (Wheelie Bins), Front Lift Bins or our space saving CP50 Compactor Unit.

Front Lift Bins are ideal for factory environments, shopping malls and industrial businesses that generate waste. With three different sizes ranging between 1.5m, 3.0m and 4.5m all bins come with lockable lids and castors if needed. These bins cater for the following waste streams:

  • General Waste
  • Paper / Cardboard Recycling
Kartaway Commercial Skip & Mini Skip Bins

Front Lift Bins are larger than the wheelie bins and suit customers who generate medium to high volumes of waste and have sufficient space to store the bins. They are ideal for hotels, shopping centres, factories, workshops, distribution centres and multiple tenancies sharing waste disposal. Front Lift Bins are available in 1.5m3, 3m3 and 4m3 and can be provided for the following waste streams:

  • General Waste
  • Paper/Cardboard Recycling

The CP50 Compactor is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers whose waste volumes vastly exceed the space available. It is ideal for Multi-Storey dwellings, Body Corporates, Food Courts, Shopping Centres. It can reduce waste volumes through compaction by a ratio of 5:1, greatly reducing the waste volume to be collected. The waste hopper (bin) is completely removed and replaced with an empty hopper at the time of collection – providing a seamless service. The Hopper is a sealed unit, keeping waste contained and reducing health risks due to exposure to waste. A flexible solution, the CP50 Compactor can be configured to accept waste via the following loading systems:

  • Side lifter unit (ideal for transfer from 240 Ltr plastic wheelie bins)
  • Hand Loading (for loose or bagged rubbish to be placed straight into the bin)
  • Dock Download (for simple unloading of hand trolleys)
  • Chute Feed (for locations such as multi-storey dwellings using bin chutes)

Kartaway can also design a customised loading system to suit the specific needs of your site.

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