Efficient Waste Management Solutions For Commercial Sites, Schools & Body Corporates

Are you looking for an efficient, no fuss waste management service for your commercial site? Whether you are managing a shopping complex, a body corporate, a school  or a foodcourt your rubbish removal issues will vary, depending on the locality, type and volume of waste and other requirements. Kartaway understand your needs and will design a specific maintenance programme that suits your unique situation that is efficient, reliable and cost effective with minimum disruption.

For example, if you have large volumes of waste to dispose of cleanly and efficiently, Kartaway provide the CP50 Compactor Unit with bins.  These sealed units reduce health risks and minimise the volume of waste.  With a fully managed service, full bins are replaced with empty, clean ones at changeover. Kartaway’s radio controlled trucks provide timely, efficient pick up and drop off and  Kartaway clean up around the area when delivering clean bins.  Pickups will be timed to suit your operation.
Kartaway offer several options for loading your waste to the unit, currently available are
•    Side Lifter – transfer from 240 litre plastic bins.  An hydraulic side lifter automatically lifts and empties each bin
•    Dock Download – simple unloading of hand trolleys
•    Hand Loading – loose or bagged rubbish can be placed straight into the bin
•    Chute Feed –  locations with a number of rubbish sources, such as multi-storey buildings

Kartaway can also design a customised loading system to suit your needs and, if required, even custom design larger Compactor Units.

Some areas are very tight with accessibility limited and require a special approach for rubbish removal.  In these situations Kartaway have the answer, they use their rear lift trucks together with wheelie bins.  With a range of sizes in wheelie bins, the right waste removal solution can be found.  .  and even in areas where accessibility is limited quick turnaround of large volumes can be managed. Perfect for corporate catering or jumping castle / party hire companies.

For a complete analysis and expert advice on your commercial waste management plan  speak to one of our friendly staff today.

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