Easy and Affordable Skip and Bin Hire

When it comes to cleaning out your home for a spring clean, after renovations or a garden clean up you want an easy, quick option. No waiting around for the skip to be delivered or picked up, no hanging about on telephones waiting for your call to be answered and no mucking around with councils. The same goes for building sites, you need an even quicker response and when time means money you need a waste management company that looks after your needs, has the right size skip or bin, delivers it promptly and picks up on time.

Kartaway is all for their customers – with prompt response to both phone and online orders, a full range of bins and skips for all purposes, and fast delivery and pick up.

With skips in a variety of sizes from 2.0 metres to 31 metres, you can order the skip that suits your needs. If you need bins with doors they are available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Canberra. Melbourne has a range from 6.0 metres to 31 metres whilst Adelaide and Brisbane have 12m, 15m and 31m and Sunshine Coast and Canberra have 12m and 15m. Kartaway’s skips and bins are suitable for most building sites and they are able to access fenced or elevated sites. Craneable bins are also available.

Kartaway have friendly call centres based at their premises, so you can call and discuss your needs, get advice on the most suitable skip or bin for your job and get the best price, which includes all council charges, or go to their website and fill in the online form, a friendly staff member will call you back with advice on your best options.

With the current focus on environmentally sustainable practices and more environmental regulations coming into play customers appreciate that Kartaway have been leaders in the recycling of waste for many years. They have transfer stations with green star certification set up in each state they operate in which recycle most of the waste received. Public waste recycling depots are operated by Kartaway at East Brunswick in Melbourne and Campbelltown in Adelaide.

To find out more about services offered and to order a bin or skip go to kartaway.com.au or call 1300 362 362.

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