Clean Up With a Skip Pre-Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. There is still time to do a quick clean up before the relatives descend on you. Get rid of all that unwanted rubbish, the stuff in the garage, all that extra garden refuse you’ve collected since spring.

A Kartaway Mini-Skip is the solution. From a 2m through to 6m, or even larger, Kartaway will deliver you a bin or skip suitable for your needs. You simply fill it up. Kartaway then diverts whatever can be to waste recycling and you have a fresh start for the New Year.

Just ring 1300 362 362, order a mini skip or bin that suits your needs. Our friendly staff can advise you on what will be suitable. Kartaway then drop a bin off for you on your nature strip or a suitable location. You arrange for it to be picked up to suit your schedule. It’s cost effective and efficient.

It’s the perfect opportunity to clean up the place, whether pre-Christmas or over January. Think of the extra space, the unsightly rubbish gone and – the peace of mind.

So whether you are in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, don’t delay. Order a mini skip or bin today. It’s cost effective and reliable. Kartaway with a K – the clean-up Kings!

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