Before You Book! 7 Things To Look For When You’re Booking a Skip

Outside on a construction site a Kartaway truck is lowering a mini skip bin

The demand for Skip Bin Hire is predicted to grow in the coming years. Specifically, the need for large skips for commercial and public transfer stations seems to be witnessing massive expansion as our cities and suburbs grow.

Do you need to rent a skip? It’s good to know the main things you should be considering before you book a skip bin from all across the country: including MelbourneAdelaideBrisbaneGold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Important Considerations

Here are the 7 primary things you should consider and look for before booking a skip bin.

1. Learn What You’re Allowed To Put In A Skip Bin

Knowing the type of scrap, including materials and objects you have to dispose of, is crucial as this will help you determine the type of skip you need. There are likely to be heavy materials while renovating or building a property. For this, you would need a skip that can hold mixed load materials, including steel, green waste, bricks, concrete, and cardboard. In other cases, you may have garden waste, soil and dirt, general waste, building materials, or glass. Depending on the type of trash you expect to get rid of, Kartaway will help you choose a suitable skip bin.

2. Pick the Right Skip Bin Based on Your Need

Now that you know what kind of waste a skip can hold, you can easily pick the right size bin you will need to dump the rubbish. We measure our skip bins in cubic metres, starting from 2M and going all the way to 31M. Make a selection of skip bin hire that can hold all the garbage to avoid overfilling and paying extra charges. So, we recommend choosing a larger skip than expected. Check our website to see the type and dimensions of skips we provide and choose bins for all waste types easily. If you are unsure, you can always contact us and our Kartaway team will help you determine the correct skip bin size.

3. Know the Limit of the Skip Bins

It is a global phenomenon where people pile up the bin over its regular capacity. Extreme overload of trash into the skip bin may get you into the following dilemmas:

  • re-scheduling pickup and paying extra charges of transport
  • off loading the extra garbage from the bin, and then the hire of an extra mini skip to dispose remaining waste
  • extra charges for overfilling as it equals the effort of another mini bin

We highly recommend not to fill the skip bin above the rim to avoid extra payments or having to manage the remaining garbage at your property until the next pickup. Instead, you can call us to schedule pick up and ask for an additional mini skip to dispose of extra junk.

4. The Proper Way To Put Rubbish Into The Skip Bins

While taking full advantage of a bin is suggested, you should not cross the vertical limit of the skip whilst dumping the trash. You should be taking care of some measures while filling up the skip. Here is our advice:

  • Put small or scattered items such as tiles, bricks, or toys at the base of the skip. Stuff may fall off during transportation when you choose to put it on the top.
  • Place waste horizontally as timber pallets or items with a certain height can’t fit vertically in the bin.

5. Safety Precautions While Using Skip Bins

The safe practice of dumping rubbish in a skip is highly recommended. It is critical to be mindful of balance while loading items with varying weights on the skip. You might get in trouble if the bin is not balanced and tips over while loading, or even during transportation.

You also need to be careful to not place forbidden trash materials, including asbestos, contaminated soil, food waste, gas bottles, chemical waste, liquids, oils & paint, and large tree stumps in the skip. Doing so can get you in trouble with legal charges due to some of the listed objects being harmful to the environment.

Use a wheelbarrow: Some of our skips have a door for you to safely walk into the bin using a door as a ramp. Hence, we suggest you use doors to fill in heavy items using a wheelbarrow.

6. Duration To Keep The Skip Bin

You can hire and keep the skip for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 7 days. However, you can call and ask to extend the duration at an extra cost.

7. Is It Too Cheap To Be True?

If a bin is cheap, you have to ask “why?”. There are often hidden costs and surcharges you discover later on in the booking process. Often companies will add a surcharge for the mixing of materials, however, this is included in our upfront cost. Another key point of this can be pick up. Other companies will drop the bin off, but they might leave the bin there for 3-4 weeks before they pick it up. This causes unnecessary blockages in your yard/driveway and can be disruptive to neighbours or local council. With Kartaway, you don’t have to worry, we’ll pick up your bin straight after you are finished with it!

Little considerations can be economical and give assurance that you can get rid of the stuff you no longer need. We recommend selling or recycling things you are not using and that can’t go in a skip. We hope we have cleared up any questions that may arise when researching booking a skip, however, we are always more than happy to help over the phone! Contact our friendly staff to get advice on which skip will best suit your needs or Book A Bin online where you can choose from our range of affordable Skip Hire Solutions in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

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